3 Tips for Organizing During A Divorce

This is an excerpt from a great article by Autumn Leopold .  Click on the link below to see the entire article 1) Give people the appropriate time and space they need to sort through items. If they need to stop and share some memories with you, let them. Do not judge or share your opinion just keep the process moving forward. 2) Be mindful of the children in the home. If they need to see or discuss some of the items you may be donating or throwing away, sit and let them get their feelings out. They may have some memories tied to those items that you aren’t aware of. 3) After the homes are separated, parents should do their best to create a new routine …

Active Office

An active office has a standing area, sitting desk and whiteboard Stand up Sit less Move more An active office is defined as a workplace design concept that proposes an integrated supportive environment, which aims at the reduction of sedentary behaviors and promotion of a physically active work processes that are characterized by regular changes between different work-related tasks, workstations, and working postures.  Active Workstation Design It involves an ergonomically designed workspace that integrates traditional desk workstation with elements such as active seats, standing desks, and whiteboards that, can be used while sitting or standing, to form an interconnected workplace environment . Studies are showing that it is transitioning from one position to another that is good for your health; it activates muscle contraction and circulation. Studies suggest …

The Economics of Home Organizing

The most fundamental principle of all economic theory is supply versus demand. Striving for equilibrium between the two results in a healthier economy. The same concept applies to individual households as well. When demand is high, there is upward pressure on prices which translates to higher costs for consumers. In terms of a family, too much demand wreaks havoc not…

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Organizing Shelves

When I was designing my first bathroom, my contractor nicknamed me “shelving Seana” because I was always adding shelves. Shelves are the perfect blend of form and function, and maximize the efficiency of vertical space. Unfortunately, figuring out how to get the most of your shelves can be challenging. Here are a few tricks… ADJUST Many shelves are adjustable. We frequently…

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Quick Escape – Organize your Entranceway

Controlling the clutter at the entrance to your home can be a nightmare. Place hooks low enough that everyone can hang up his or her own coats, sweaters, and jackets. Establish a space that can be reached without help for each person’s backpack or gym bag. This could be a shelf, cupboard or hook. Have enough space near the entrance…

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Getting Into Mom’s Kitchen

I remember the day, when I first noticed my mom’s shaking hands. It was in her Brooklyn apartment, at the end of another delicious Shabbat Dinner. Our mom was serving tea and desert, like she did every Friday night since 1979. Her hand was extended across the table and all of us just froze, watching the cup of tea shaking…

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Organizing Your Kitchen: Meal Planning

OK, I’ll admit it. Meal planning is not one of my strong points in the kitchen. In fact, it is probably one of my biggest headaches. I don’t mind grocery shopping, putting away the groceries or cooking but I can stand in front of a full fridge or pantry and not think of a single thing to make. It’s like…

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Three Habits to Simplify Your Summer

1. Never Leave a Room without Improving its Appearance Before leaving your bedroom, close the closet door and when going through the family room, pick up the old newspaper and throw it into the recycling bin. In the kitchen, place your coffee mug in the dishwasher and straighten a chair. These little things will take you only a few seconds,…

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My Favourite Time Management Technique

My favourite time management technique is to know when I will have a WiFi connection and when I won’t.  Yes, there are still times and places when I can’t get WiFi.  For those time I plan to have work with me to do when I am unconnected.  You might think, “when does that ever happen”, more often than you think:

What do you do when there is no connection?

When I  arrive early at a client’s home

When I arrive early to pick up someone

When the person I am pickup arrives late

When the client is late

When the distance between appointments and returning to the office will cause me to waste time commuting  so I find a quiet location  work instead of wasting my time driving.

I will have a book along to read or mail to open or start on my e-mail that I downloaded before I left for the call.  Sometimes I am reviewing a speech I am presenting, signing holiday cards, planning my week/ month or getting in my exercise by going for a walk.  Using these small expected or unexpected amounts of time well will make you more productive.  I learned this technique by trial and error.  I found myself sitting around waiting with nothing to do when my children were involved in activities.  I quickly realized that I was wasting a lot of time and needed to plan my “spare time” as well as my work time to be able to get everything accomplished without using my family time or free time to get things completed.

Organizing Your Kitchen: Time to Purge

Let’s face it, the kitchen can often become one of the most cluttered spots in the house simply because we spend so much time there. It is truly the heart of a home so keeping things simple and organized can make a big difference in our lives. Sometimes our kitchen cabinets become black holes for chipped dishes, strange utensils and…

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